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What will be on the Wedding DVD?

The wedding DVD will come complete with menus and chapter markers.

There will be buttons for the main ceremony, scene selection and the Highlights.

When will we receive our edited Wedding DVD's?
We aim to have the Wedding DVD's ready & sent 2-3 weeks after the wedding recorded delivery.

Do the Wedding package prices include any Church or Performer fees?
No, sadly if the church or anyone else charges you 'Video fees' you will have to cover that cost. Sorry!

What equipment do you use?
We use Professional Sony Digital Video HD cameras for weddings on. This guarantees top quality for the final finished product & shotgun mics to ensure clear crisp sound quality. And we edit our wedding footage using hi end computers and software to add all the final touches & effects.

Do you come and meet us before the big day?
We always meet with the Bride & Groom prior to the wedding to discuss your requirements. Also, if it's appropriate we would like to come to a rehearsal to view the surroundings and discover the best place for filming.

Can you insert still photographs of us onto the DVD?
Yes still photographs of the bride and groom growing up can be inserted.

The highlights is a brief section right at the end of the DVD which shows the main events of the day. You choose the music and we'll edit it together to produce a stylish flashback of the day with the use of slow motion, It's a great way to show all your friends, without them having to sit through the whole Wedding DVD.

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