Dvd or Usb



Computers laptops are no longer produced with dvd drive, this is an indication that they are no longer being manufactured. Films are now being upload as files, so hence this is the way forward technology has moved on.  There's nothing cooler than seeing your wedding film with full crisp vibrant colors and beautiful detail.


We want you to be able to view your film as amazingly as we captured. While many households have DVD players we wanted to maintain HD quality and still keep things cost effective for production and for our clients.


USB will give you full HD quality crisp vibrant colors as it was intended, the only thing that will be missing are the menus to navigate. This should not be a problem as you can scrub though on the viewing bar or remote control. 


So here are some things you should know about USB stick drives:


If you keep your USB in a safe place, and aren't adding and deleting data to it constantly a USB drive should last around 10 years. The life expectancy of a USB sticks depends on how many times data is written, and deleted from them. Typically USBs can withstand between 10,000 and 100,000 write and delete cycles.


Other factors that contribute to a shorter USB life cycle are exposure to extreme environmental conditions like extremely high/low temperature and humidity.  You can preserve your drive by keeping it covered when not in use, always ejecting the drive from your computer, and never leaving it plugged for prolong periods of time when not in use.


But, the advice I give ALL my clients once they receive their wedding film is to BACK UP!!  I suggest saving the film in multiple locations like your computer's internal hard drive, an external hard drive unit, and even via a cloud storage service. Your wedding film is filled with precious irreplaceable moments you can never be too safe. 

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